Welcome to Sherman Farm

A Four Generation Family Farm

Open Year Round

Farm Raised Beef

Get to Know Your Local Farmer

Welcome to Sherman Farm


Superior in quality and processed in small batches to maintain its great taste, Sherman Farm Milk is produced and processed by the Hatch family of Hatchland Farm in North Haverhill, NH.

In the Market

We are currently harvesting; Our own corn, lettuce, kale, chard, beet greens, cukes, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, green beans, beets, lettuce mix, summer sqaush, zucchini and much more.

Nh Peaches and Nectarines

Please call us if you care making a special trip to make sure we have what you are looking for.

Farm-Raised Meats

We sell beef and pork raised here on the farm, poultry from Misty Knoll Farms, a family farm in New Haven, Vermont. We also have northeast raised lamb products sourced by our butcher shop. Our cows and pigs are NEVER fed antibiotics or hormones, nor are the chickens and turkeys we sell. 

From the Kitchen
Our kitchen produces amazing food for you to take home and heat up. Meals, dips, salads and much more are hand crafted in our kitchen using our own beef, vegetables and dairy whenever possible.