Welcome to our online shop!

Welcome to our online shop!
Welcome to our online shop. We currentely ship on Monday and Tuesday each week. Don't see what you're looking for? Email us!


Farm Futures
$100 each

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Ground Beef 1lb packages

$8.49 ea

Our ground beef is a 90/10 blend of primal cuts. Aged for 14 days, this ground beef has tons of flavor and texture.


 Delmonico Steak Approx 1lb

$21.99 ea
Each boneless Delmonico is aged for 14 days and is cut from the Prime Rib Roast, an unbelievably tender and tasty cut. Also known as the Ribeye steak.



 Short Ribs 1.5lb
$5.99 ea

Bone-in for max flavor, our short ribs are perfect for braising and are fall off the bone tender.


Beef Shanks 1/lb
$5.99 ea

The most under rated cut of beef! Great for braising, soups and stews. These shanks will fall off the bone and melt in your mouth.


Bacon 1/lb  SOLD OUT
$9.99 ea

With just the right balance of smoke and pork flavor, our bacon is the holy grail. All hail Bacon!!


Ground Sausage 1lb Hot Italian SOLD OUT

A special blend of spices from old family recipes makes our sausage stand out in a crowd. Mix and match your favorite flavors.

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Sweet Italian, Hot Italian or Breakfast



Sampler Pack

Try each of our products to find out which ones you like best!
2 lbs ground beef, 2 Delmonico, 1 Beef Shank, 1 Short Rib, and 2 sausage.